Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Transformers Universe 3-Pack "Challenge at Cybertron" Part 3

Hey guys, the time has come to review the star of the "Challenge at Cybertron" set and that star is none other than.......

Cyclonus! Thats right, this repaint of Universe Cyclonus is not only the best figure of this set, but the best paint job this mold has ever gotten, even better than his Henkei version. I have always considered Cyclonus to have one of the best molds of all the Classics/Henkei line. He matches the Movie and TV series perfectly in form and now so also in color scheme. His partner in crime Nightstick has also recieved an improved paintjob that matches the TV series just as well as Cyclonus.

There is one small problem that I have noted. The ball joints in his hips/thighs are very tight, so tight that when I got him out of the box and moved his leg, it popped off as i was movint the leg forward. I'm not talking just fell off either, the thigh pushed the ball out as it was moving. I was able to fix this by scraping off some plastic from the thigh joints inner workings (the part the ball goes into). This fixed the popping out problem, without making the joint loose. It's an annoyance, but forgivable, especially given this is the 5th use of the mold.

That minor gripe aside, Cyclonus is the best figure in the set, followed closely by Rodimus and leaving Galvatron in last place. This is a must have if you missed out on any of these figures before, or want more TV accurate versions. So lets wrap this up with a few more shots of this sets star.

Hope you guys enjoyed this look at the "Challenge At Cybertron" set. Let me know if you have any requests for future reviews. Take care

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