Sunday, June 17, 2012

3 video reviews TF Prime AM Skywarp, AM Megatron and RID Soundwave

Hey Guys, sorry I havent posted in a while. Been giving video reviews a go lately and forgot to post them here. *facepalm* Well I'm gonna correct that mistake now by showing the 3 I've done so far.

So here they are starting with the most recent in AM-06 Skywarp.
The Shredder (TMNT IV Turtles in Time), Remixed by Sixto Sounds

Next is AM-05 Megatron
Minotaur Nightmares (God of War) remixed by Mazedude

And Finally, PRID Soundwave
Saren's Prayer (Mass Effect) remixed by Mazedude
part of the BadAss remix album

Incase you are wondering, The reason I'm listing the songs used in my reviews are as follows

1. They are awsome tracks and worth downloading (free to download btw)
2. The remixers deserve the credit for thier work
3. OCremix put listing the Song, Remixer's name, and thier site in the terms of use for any tracks on thier site.

Anyway, enjoy the videos and I'll catch ya later.