Thursday, March 29, 2012

Transformers Prime RID: Voyager Class Megatron

Hey everyone, back again with a look at the next figure in the Transformers Prime: Robots in Disguise line, and this time it's none other than the Leader of the Decepticons himself...


The ruthless tyrant has arrived to conquer your toy shelves and crush any figures who stand in his way. But how does this big bad bot stack up on a TF shelf? Lets take a look and see your ourselves.

Megatron come packaged in a window box display, and is in robot mode. This method of packaging has been common for Hasbro's Voyager Class figures since the "Hunt For the Decepticons" line in 2010. The front shows everything you are getting and has a hole in the window so you can try the weapon's "Powerizer" gimmick. Information on the character can be found on the side and the back features pictures of the figure that look photoshopped to be more chromed than the figure really is. The packaging is nice and MIB collectors will enjoy it, but its time to open up and see Megs in all his glory.

Megatron's robot mode is a site to behold. Big, powerful, and menacing, that's what Megatron is all about and this figure shows it. The terrifying visage is as close to show accurate as a toy can get. The translucent purple plastic in his chest, arms and eyes make him seemingly glow with Dark Energon. His sculpt has a brushed steel look and feel all over, which just add more to his look. Megatron has 17 points of articulation including a ball jointed head, ball jointed shoulders, hinged elbows, swivel forearms, hinged wrists, ball jointed hips, swivel thighs, hinged knees and hinged feet. You can add 4 more points if you include the articulation for the shoulder armor. The paint job is ok, but it could have been better, mostly by replacing the bronze bits with a gunmetal grey color.

Megatron's Arsenal is headed up by his trademark Fusion Cannon. Now this beauty is a bit bigger than on the show. This is forgivable though because everyone knows Megatron likes his guns big and highly destructive. His powerizer gimmick enables the cannon to transform into a sword much like the MechTech weapons of the "Dark of the Moon" line. This time though, the cannon lights up as it transforms. While the weapon cannot lock into it's sword mode, the blades of the sword arn't molded onto any gears. This means that the blades can move independent of the gimmick, you just have to hold the button in place to keep the gears from turning as you move them. This is great if you like to pose Megs with his mighty blade extended. Actually learned this fun fact from Peaugh's review of Megs on Youtube. The other weapon he comes with is a spiked gauntlet that pegs onto either of his arms. We haven't seen this one in the show yet, but why complain about an added weapon.

Transformation to alt mode is a bit tricky to master, especially in the legs. The transformation of the legs is rather fiddly and getting the wings in the right position with the shoulder pads in the way is tricky. The alt mode itself is of a Cybertronian fighter jet. It looks good from the front and above, but any other angle is questionable at best. The fusion cannon sits on top of the jet looking like an oversized thruster with the battle gauntlet pegged on it.

Standing Megatron and Optimus together, you can see they stand pretty close to eye to eye level. This isn't really show accurate as Megatron should be a littler taller. Other than that, they look good together. Looking at Megs with his past incarnations shows how he gives major nods to G1 ad Animated. You can also see how the extra large Fusion Cannon is staple in Megatron designs. Putting him with his troops its apparent that he fits in well. The scale in PRID has been better than the many lines of the past, and Megatron doesn't disappoint in that department.

Over all, Megatron is a superb figure that is easy to recommend. With only minor quibbles like the bronze plastic and fiddly leg transformation to complain about, there are a lot of things to be happy with. If you collect Transformers Prime figures, Megatron is a must have.

See you next time

Saturday, March 17, 2012

TF Prime: Powerizer Optimus Prime

Hey everyone, back again with another review, this time of a figure from the new Transformers Prime "Robots in Disguise" line, not to be confused with the RID line from the late 90's early 2000's. I figured I'd start with a bang and do the bigger figures first starting with

Optimus Prime.
This is the Voyager Class "Powerizer" figure and is a little different from the First Edition Voyager that came to other countries earlier in the year. Now the pics in this review will very from the original out of package look and a customized look were I added red to his forearms and chest with a sharpie, as I've seen on videos on YouTube, so if he looks different in some shots dont worry, it's all of the same figure. So lets get down to it and have a look at the box.

Optimus come packaged in a nice sized window box. He is clearly visible in his robot mode, along with his gimmick ridden gun, that you can reach in and try in the package thanks to a smale hole in the front. Also visable is his sword. The side gives us a small bio for Optimus aswell as some tech specs to help us learn a little bit about the big guy. On the back we can see a nice image of Primes robot and vehicle modes, along with a quick description of his gimmicks. I do find that the pics of his gun are a little misleading, and I'll be explaining why in a moment. For now lets look at robot mode.

Out of the box, Optimus Prime's robot mode look really good. His build is well proportioned, and sculpt-wise, fairly close to the animation model. His look is hampered by the translucent blue plastic used on his forearms which hurts the overall look in the long run. This blue plastic was I assume to represent Energon and I fear it will be present on all Autobot Voyagers in the PRID line. For Optimus, this is easy to fix with a red sharpie. Simply run the marker over the blue parts of the forearms and they will take on a translucent red color. You can even do this with some of the grey areas on his chest if you wish. just be warned that the ink can and most likely will rub off on your skin if not sealed. Other than that, his paintjob is pretty good.

Prime has 17 points of articulation including a ball-jointed head, ball jointed shoulders, bicep swivels, hinghed elbow joint, hinged up and down wrist swivel, ball-jointed hips, thigh cuts, hinged knees, and ball-jointed ankles. This is more than enough to create some epic poses, especially if you have other characters and accessories. Speaking of accessories, Prime's accessories are a little lacking. He includes a sword that can either be held or peg into his wrist, which is pretty cool but it dosnt look right either way. He also has a spring loaded blaster rifle that transforms and lights up when you push the grey piece backward, the only problem is that it cannot stay transformed unless you put a rubber band on just behind the barrel. I would have preffered weapons closer to what the First Edition release recieved because the weapons PRID Optimus includes are duds. I usually keep them stored away and give Prime a gun from an old KO Defensor I once had, which looks a lot better in my opinion. If you can find a nice sized black gun that fits in his hands, give it to Optimus, I'm sure it will look much better than what he came with.

Transformation to vehicle mode has it's tricky parts but isn't all too difficult. The arms and chest are the hard parts to configure and the grill dosn't snap in place unless everything is alligned perfectly. The vehicle mode itself is a nice sight. True to his legacy, Optimus becomes a semi-truck. Much like his movie form he is a long nose type, but he has a more G1 color scheme on him. It's a shame Hasbro didn't make a trailer for him because I feel that would have truly completed the look. Still, the truck mode is just right. The weapons can store on either his trailer hitch or one of the two ports on the sides of the hitch however you prefer. The windvane can also fold back to revial two more ports for a more weaponized look. Personally I prefer to keep the weapons off.

When you put Optimus with his fellow Autobots, he looks really good. His scale with the others is just about right. He stands taller than the others, and thats about accurate with the show. Next to his Arch-Nemesis Megatron, you can see he stands eye to eye with the Decepticon Commander. He should be a a hair shorter then Megs though, but this feels more like Megatron being shorter than he should rather than Prime being too big.

Next to the First Edition deluxe Optimus, PRID Optimus clearly shows as an improvement. The proprtions are better, there is no "fake windshield" in robot mode which inturn makes the vehicle mode much nicer, and he scales better with other figures. The First Edition does have a better weapon, which sadly, cannot be used by PRID Optimus. I dont have the First Edition voyager Optimus so I cant do a comarison between those, but from what I understand, many like the FE Prime better. I wouldn't feel too bummed if you are like me and couldn't get the Fist Edition release though. This voyager Optimus is really good and worth owning.

Comparing Optimus to some of his past incarnations shows that his look borrows bits from each of them, like the trademark windshield chest, the blue legs and ofcourse the face. It helps to really show how Optimus has evolved over the years. I still think Henkei Optimus is the best incarnation of the character in this scale, but PRID Optimus is high in the rankings.

If your a fan of Transformers Prime, or Optimus in general, you owe it to yourself to get this figure. It's not without its flaws but most can be cured with a sharpie and a weapon borrowed from someone else. If you are lucky enough to own the First Edition Optimus you may be inclined to pass this one by, but I think that would be a mistake. PRID Optimus is worthy of being on any TF Prime shelf.