Sunday, October 28, 2012

Hasbro Transformers Prime RID Rumble

Taking a look at one of the last Deluxe class RID figures of the year, Rumble. Will the piledriving punk get a good figure in this line? Tune in and find out.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Takara Transformers Prime AM Swerve

Taking a look at another Japan exclusive Transformers Prime figure, Swerve. Currently not featured in the animated series, this repaint of Breakdown may help bolster an Autobot team. Is he worth getting, tune in and decide.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Hasbro Transformers GDO Springer

Taking a look at the previously Asian exclusive Generations Springer figure. Was he worth bringing stateside, tune in and find out.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Transformers Prime Ironhide and Kup

Today we are taking a look at both the RID Sargent Kup and AM Ironhide. This should be a nice way to look at the differences in how Hasbro and Takara are handling the TF Prime toyline, aswell as look at 2 awsome figures. Hope you guys enjoy.

Not gonna be putting music into the next few vids, hope thats ok. Please let me know if you prefer with or without.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Hasbro Transformers Masterpiece Optimus Prime

Taking a look at the New TRU exclusive Masterpiece Optimus Prime. This US release of MP-10 is ready to roll out onto your display shelf.

Fight for our Future! remixed by Nekofrog

Friday, September 28, 2012

Voltron Classics Blue Lion with Allura and Sven

Taking a look at The Blue Lion and it's two pilots, Allura and the subscription exclusive Sven. 4 down, one to go, but how well does this cat go with it's bretheren? Lets take a look and see for ourselves. Really excited about how close we are to getting that 23" Voltron, just cant wait.
Breathtaking Vision Remixed by Kanjika
part of the Project Chaos remix album

Monday, September 24, 2012

Takara TF Prime AM-16 Jet Vehicon

Today we are taking a look at the Jet Vehicons, the ariel army of the Decepticon forces in the TF Prime Universe. Another Takara Exclusive (so far), this retooling of the Vehicon mold is here to bolster the ranks of your Con's toy shelf.
trying to balance the music and naration volumes better so let me know how that turns out
My Minute, remixed by Electric Concerto
Part of the Super Metroid ~Reserve Tank VARIAtions~ remix album

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Takara TF Prime AM Terrorcon Bumblebee

Taking a look at Takara's black repaint of Bumblebee. Are the Nemesis colors good for Bee or is this toy doomed to be lost in the sea of Bee repaints that have come before it? Tune in and find out. Gallery can be found here,

Cavern Escape remixed by Icy Guy
Part of the Hedgehog Heaven remix album


Monday, September 17, 2012

Takara TF Prime AM-18 Airachnid

Today we will be taking a look at Takara's version Airachnid. Can Takara save this toy from all the negative hype RID Airachnid has earned? Tune in and find out.
Raptor Waltz remixed by Trace Dragon XVI K

Saturday, September 15, 2012

TF Prime AM-15 Megatron Darkness

Taking an indepth look at Takara's version of the Voyager Class Megatron, and how it differs from RID Megatron. Showing how the figure looks before and after the decales are applied as well as the included Microns. Hope you guys enjoy the review.
Minotaur Nightmares remixed by Mazedude

Thursday, September 13, 2012

TF Prime Arms Micron Optimus Prime

Taking a look at the Special TRU Japan Exclusive version of AM-01 and his included Battle Shield. Sadly, mine did not come with the cardboard cutout trailer so we wont be looking at that part, and if it did, I'd have to make a 2nd video anyway since this one is already a long review. Really like this set, and hope you enjoy the review

Fight for our Future remixed by Nekofrog

Monday, September 10, 2012

Monster High Rebecca Steam

Maybe a little unusual but here is a review of Monster High's resident robot Rebecca Stream. Yea, I know, she's a doll. She is a robot though and I think she's worth reviewing. I hope you guys enjoy this review and I'll try to keep the higher variety going.

Samus in The Inferno (short edit) remixed by Audix
Part of the "Reserve Tank - VARIAtions" remix album

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Metroid Samus Aran Figma action figure

Taking a look at the Figma of Samus Aran from the Metroid games. This high powered gal in robotic exo armor is an awsome figure, and gives me high hopes for what the future may hold for Nintendo based toys.
Jade Catacombs remixed by bLiNd
The Planet's Call remixed by Bren
Brinstar's Good Enough remixed by The Coop
Part of the Remix album "Super Metroid ~Reserve Tank VARIAtions~"

Arms Micron War Breakdown

A look at Takara's seemingly exclusive Breakdown figure from the Transformers Prime series. I truly hope the rumors are wrong about him being Japan only as this is a great figure.
Dead Batteries remixed by SnappleMan
part of the Project::Chaos Album
Sound Effects

Silverhawks Steelheart

Here is a quick look at the Steelheart from the 80's Silverhawks toyline by Kenner. A nice little vintage toy that really makes me want more of the line. And if you are wondering, yes I do count cyborgs and robotic exosuits as part of the giant robot phenominom.

Voltron Classics Pidge and Green Lion

A Video Review for the Voltron Classics Pidge and Green Lion from Mattel. Voltron being a favorite of mine I'm very happy to be getting these figures.
Breathtaking Vision remixed by Kanjika
Part of the "Project Chaos" remix album

TF Prime Arms Micron Arcee

A video review for Takara's version of Arcee. A very nice customizer friendly toy that look a little nice that its US counterpart.
Paints used: Tamiya Gunmetal, Tamiya Chrome Silver, Testors Metallic Red, Testors Red Metal Flake, Testors Blue Metal Flake, Tamiya Black
Sierra-Navada-Tan (Road Rash) as remixed by analoq

Since I did that video review, Redid the pink detailing with some nail polish to get a little closer to show accurate.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

3 video reviews TF Prime AM Skywarp, AM Megatron and RID Soundwave

Hey Guys, sorry I havent posted in a while. Been giving video reviews a go lately and forgot to post them here. *facepalm* Well I'm gonna correct that mistake now by showing the 3 I've done so far.

So here they are starting with the most recent in AM-06 Skywarp.
The Shredder (TMNT IV Turtles in Time), Remixed by Sixto Sounds

Next is AM-05 Megatron
Minotaur Nightmares (God of War) remixed by Mazedude

And Finally, PRID Soundwave
Saren's Prayer (Mass Effect) remixed by Mazedude
part of the BadAss remix album

Incase you are wondering, The reason I'm listing the songs used in my reviews are as follows

1. They are awsome tracks and worth downloading (free to download btw)
2. The remixers deserve the credit for thier work
3. OCremix put listing the Song, Remixer's name, and thier site in the terms of use for any tracks on thier site.

Anyway, enjoy the videos and I'll catch ya later.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Voltron Classics: Hunk and Yellow Lion

Back again to do a new Voltron review. This time covering last months release from which is none other than...

Hunk and the Yellow Lion. The 2nd set in the Voltron Classics subscription has finally arrived and has given us an even more massive lion this time as well as a new figure for our Classics Voltron Force team. But how good is this set? Let's take a look and find out.

Hunk comes in a similar package to Febuary's Lance figure, but this time instead of a red box we get a yellow one, to further signify Hunk as the Yellow Lion's pilot. There is an open window that lets you see Hunk and his key stand as well as his alternate head. The Yellow Lion comes in a plastic box that shows the lion in a running pose outside of it's den. Much like the Red Lions box, the background artwork is done beautifully. The back of the box show's off the special features of the Yellow Lion and it's place as the left leg of Voltron. The reverse side of Hunk's box, which sadly I forgot to take a picture of shows a nice image of the figure as well as which collect and connect piece you get for the Powered Blazing Sword.

The Hunk figure is very well sculpted. He has a big bulky body which is perfect for his character. The face is a perfect resemblance of the old TV show and I love the interchangeable heads. On mine, the helmet dosnt seem to be on right on the helmeted head, but it still looks very good. Hunk has 10 points of articulation at the head, shoulders, elbows, waist, hips and limited knees. I'm saying limited knees because they only move the proper way about 20 degrees. This wont hurt how he sits in the lion but it is a downside. The last nice touch is the Lion Key stand. this nice little item serves a dual purpose as the display stand for Hunk and the means to open up the lion.

The last piece in Hunk's box is the CnC Blazing Sword wrist guard. It's a very simple piece but in my view a very important one. From the vintage Voltron toys all the way to Toynami's Masterpiece Voltron, the Blazing Sword has never had that show accurate wrist guard. Before Mattel made Blazing Sword Voltron, the swords were good, but never show accurate. This fact alone makes me very happy to see the wrist guard piece. Now once you put that piece on the sword's hilt, it's not coming off so only put it on when you are absolutely sure to want to assemble the sword. One last thing to note is there is a hinge on the wrist guard to make putting the sword in Voltrons claws a lot easier.

Putting Hunk and Lance together you can see how well in scale they are with each other. Hunk is a little taller and has a bigger body than Lance. Scale has never been a big problem for Voltron toys so I'm not surprised on how well they go together. Putting him next to his past figures really shows how improved this version of Hunk really is over the Panosh Place version. It's also interesting to see how well the Classics figures seem to relate to the V3D figures, I can actually see Classics Hunk growing into becoming the V3D figure at least as far as characters go. The classics figure is still better articulated.

On to Yellow Lion, its sculpt is beautiful and massive. It's hard not to be awestruck by how big this cat is. It's even bigger than the Red Lion. Really, it's about the size of a real live kitten. The paint job is simplistic but very well done. Articulation wise, it has 15 points at the head, mouth, shoulders, elbows, front paws, hips, knees, rear paws, and a double jointed tail. Most of the joints are ratcheted but not quite as heavily as Red Lion was. The joints are still strong enough to hold the lion up, but still can be moved freely. The springs in the legs for transformation will hinder the lion's movement though you can still get some nice poses. The one accessory included is it's Lion Sword. Yellow Lion has a good grip on the weapon with his mouth and he looks good holding it.

As far as features go, Yellow Lion only has a couple, but they are wonderful. The first one to note is that with the key stand from any pilot figure you can open up the Yellow Lion to get a view of the cockpit and even pl ave your pilot figure inside.  Hunk doesn't go in perfectly, but he goes in enough to look good. The other feature is obvious, Yellow Lion becomes the overly massive left leg to Voltron. To return to lion mode one can simply push the button on the lion's belly and he will spring back to normal.

Looking at Yellow Lion with his past forms really shows how the design has grown considerably over the years. Yellow's evolution looks very solid. He also looks wonderful with the Red Lion. What really stands out is when you have Yellow Lion in leg mode next to larger figures. Having a leg stand up to either MP Voltron's or Unicron's chest is quite amazing and really helps me salivate more for new versions of the Lions and Voltron himself.

Being a huge Voltron fan it's hard to not like these new classics toys. Are they perfect, no, but they still are some of the best iterations of the lions and pilots ever made. They are fun, they are posable and will display very nicely on any Voltron shelf. If you collect Volton figures you are going to love these.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

TFCC Runamuck

Taking a little break from the TF Prime figures to give you a look at this years Transformers Collector's Club free figure who happens to be....


If you subscribed to the Transformers Collector's Club before March 16th, 2012, then you will be receiving this figure in the mail very soon if not already. Now Runamuck is the partner of Runabout aka Over-Run, and together they are known as the Battle Chargers. Runamuck and Runabout share the same mold but have contrasting paint jobs, so Ruamuck has all the strengths and weaknesses of his twin.

Being a free figure, Runamuck comes in a plain white mailer in a baggie, packed with his instructions and tech spec card. The good news is that if you purchased Over-run, that figures box has an opening that you can place Runamuck. This means that you can store them together with ease. This is ideal since where one Battle Charger is, the other is never far behind.

Now as I mentioned earlier, Runamuck is a repaint of Runabout, which you'll see a lot of since I couldn't resist posing these two together for most of the review. His paint job is a pearled white with gold and orange detailing and black forearms. Much like his partner he has a Decepticon symbol on the hood of his car mode as well as Decepticon rubsign on his chest. His accessories include two black shoulder mounted cannons and a black and gold blaster. Video reviewer Optibotimus has noted an alternate configuration for the Battlecharger's robot modes in his review of Runabout. This alternate configuration is pretty simple to do and gives the boys a more G1 look.

Runamuck has the same 16+ points of articulation as Runabout and mold doner Generations Wheeljack. His big feet help him balance quite a bit, but it still can be tricky to get some more dynamic poses to work. It is a lot of fun to put these guys in tag team poses. Actually makes me wish I collected wrestling figure so I could give them some title belts.

Vehicle mode is a beauty to look at. The white and gold blend together very nicely, and the sparkly shine the white plastic has is gorgeous. It's also very nice that they get details like the head and tail lights, and the hubcaps. It rolls very well, although it can be tricky to get the wheels to line up properly.

When you look at Runamuck with mold mates, Tracks and Wheeljack, its easier to spot the differences than the similarities. The paint job really makes him pop. It really shows what a paint job and a new head can do for a mold.

All in all, if you have Runabout, you need Runamuck and vice verse. These guys are a team and incomplete individually. Runamuck is an awesome looking figure and will look great in any Transformers Classics shelf. If you'd like more detail into the mold check out Runabout's review here. Anyway, hope you guys have enjoyed this look at Runamuck and I will see you again soon.