Monday, August 9, 2010

Transformers Universe 3-Pack "Challange at Cybertron" Part 1

Hey there all. Thought I'd start my review blog with a bang and bring you the new TF Universe 3 pack which includes Classics Cyclonus, Galvatron, and Rodimus (Hot Rod).

Now this is a wonderful set to commemorate the 1986 "Transformers the Movie" with, and given that these were the top 3 characters of season 3 of the G1 series, this is going to be a well sought after set. So lets take a closer look at each of these fine figures, starting with.............

Hot Rod! Now this is the guy most everyone is going to buy this set for. He is my reason for getting it since i never had the Classics Rodimus. Rodimus figures are hard to come by and with the eminent arrival of FansProject's Protector upgrade kit, everyone wants Rodimus. This is proven in the fact that a Classics Rodimus alone can go for up to $100 on eBay. Now this Hod Rod is a little different than your basic classics Rodimus. Hod Rod here has a new paint job that almost perfectly matches the G1 Transformers cartoon series. The original Classics Rodimus had a color scheme that was more closer to the G1 toy of Hod Rod. Also noted are the lack of translucent plastic for the windows (now painted on) and the "flame" missile (also painted now). Other than that, this is the exact same mold as Classics Rodimus. He's a very good figure, with decent posebility and a couple cool features, including a flip out saw blade and firing missile launcher. For the set though, I will have to rank him #2 as far as which one is best, here are a few more pics and some comparisons with the G1 Hod Rod figure.

Please let me know what you guys think and stay tuned for part 2: Galvatron

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