Friday, August 13, 2010

Transformers TRU Exclusive Masterpiece Grimlock

Hi guys, back with another review and this time we are looking at...........
Masterpiece Grimlock! This is the Toys R Us exclusive version made by Hasbro and released in the US just this month. As I write this, I've only had the figure a few hours but I can definitely say that Grimlock is every bit as impressive as Masterpiece Optimus Prime. The amount of gimmicks he has is amazing, both in robot and dino mode. and each form is articulated enough for great poses. In the box with Grimlock are his Energy Sword, Twin Barrel Blaster, and the Dinobot Crown of Leadership that was part of Takara's MP-08X "King Grimlock". Now lets get a good look at each mode shall we.

Grimlock's T-Rex mode is done faithfully to his original G1 figure, fitting in as a robotic version of what people thought a t-rex looked like in the 80's. He is also highly accurate to what he looked like in the G1 cartoons and comics, complete with a dial on the inside of his head that lets you choose his eye color. He has chromed teeth, claws, and a tail as well as a gold chromed belly. His toes and the parts his legs connect to are made of die-cast metal. The robot modes crotch is also die-cast. In dino mode, Grimlock has articulated arms, claws, legs, tail and head. His mouth opens and closes and he has a gimmick where when you move his tail from side to side, his head will turn left and right. The only thing i don't like is that he cant look down at his foes. The molding is done excellently, hinges used for transformation are well disguised, like the ones that are attached to his robot mode wings look like rocket thrusters in dino mode.
Grimlock's transformation to and from robot mode is a bit trickier than the G1 version but the end result is most stunning. Grimlock is every bit a dead ringer for his cartoon self as MP Optimus. His right hand doesn't have finger articulation but it does have a led light that will show through either his gun or sword, making them glow red. The left hand doesn't have the light, but is fully articulated. He also has full arm, leg, head, and waist movement. A switch on the back of his head will allow you to change the color of his visor from cartoon blue to comic red and back, and the Dinobot Crown of Leadership looks most regal on him with his red visor showing. The level of detail in robot mode is just as amazing as dino mode. He seems near perfect.
Size wise, Grimlock could be compared to a Leader class figure. He seems rather short compared to MP Optimus, but when you put him with the Classics/Universe/Generations series figures, he fits right in. In the G1 series, Grimlock was a big guy, just as tall if not taller than Optimus himself. Even Megatron had to look up at Grimlock at times. This fact makes MP Grimlock feel in perfect scale next to the Classics line and makes him a worthy candidate for any Neo G1 display.

Hope you guys enjoyed this little review and I'll see you next time. Take care.

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