Monday, August 23, 2010

Transformers Collector's Club Exclusive Punch/Counterpunch review

Hey guys, I'm here with another review and this time I'm doing.......
Punch/Counterpunch. Now this guy is a nice 2 in 1 figure. He is a triple changer but instead of having two vehicle modes, he has two robot modes. One Autobot and one Decepticon. The figure is a true beauty and is most worthy of the special packaging given by TFCC.
Punch/Counterpuch is a repaint of Universe Sideswipe/Sunstreaker. The mold was practically made for Punch given his ability to transform from heroic Autobot to evil Decepticon and back. This transformation is as simple as turning him around and moving some limbs to the appropriate locations. The head is specially molded to shift between 2 faces by moving his visor in a specific direction. For added flare, I like to put the engine parts on his back much like one would on Sunstreaker. This adds a little more to the figures look and hides the opposing factions symbol from view.
While on faction symbols, I like how Hasbro used the rub-symbols for this figure. It makes him feel even more undercover somehow. There are only 2 gripes about this figure. First, his head is very small compared to his body. I realize they had to do this to fit it inside when in vehicle mode, but its a little annoying. the second is that while in Punch mode, his feet can't balance unless in a duck like position. Other than these small gripes, Punch/Counterpunch will look great on any Classics display, no matter which side you put him on.

Take care guys and I'll see you later.

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