Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Mattel MOTUC Filmation Trap Jaw

Club Grayskull is back again and this month it has brought us the walking Swiss army knife himself, Trap Jaw. This actually surprised me a bit as I was expecting Matty to release Beastman as the first villain of the subline. It’s a nice treat since I’m fonder of ol’ Trappy than I am of Beast man. It also has been quite a while since Trap Jaw has been seen in the line, only having one figure beforehand, so this is a fine opportunity for new fans to get a hold of this classic character.
Much like He-Man before him, Trap Jaw has a very simple sculpt. Plenty of flat surfaces all over his armor and robotic arm, which works for the more cartoonish aesthetic of the toy. Colors are also quite simple with a bright blue body, and a mix of red, green and black for the armor and mecha arm. It is an accurate look to the old cartoon, yet fans only familiar with the toys or more modern media may be a little perplexed with the red arm and shin guards. Most of, if not all of Trap Jaws previous toys had a black robot arm and legs, while the 80’s cartoon added the red to make him more colorful. I personally like this variation as it helps him pop a little more.
The head sculpt is also well done. He still has that awesome green face and those beady eyes, but now has thicker eyebrows. The jaw is once again hinged so it can open and close, but the inside of the mouth is painted black, again to better represent the cartoon. Sorry if you were expecting a gory mess like on the normal Classics toy, but this is for the better.
For articulation, Trap Jaw basically has the same points as He-man, except for the robot arm, ball jointed head, universal left shoulder, left bicep swivel, left elbow, left wrist with a hinge on the left hand, ab crunch, waist swivel, universal hips, thigh swivel, knee bends, hinged ankles and ankle pivots. The robot arm on the right just has a universal shoulder and a swivel where the weapons plug in. It’s not bad and you can get some nice action poses with it.
Trap Jaw has three accessories, which all relate to the weapon swap gimmick that has been a staple for the character. He has a blaster, a bow, and a flyswatter, and as crazy as this mix seems, these are all items he used in the show. Each weapon can plug or unplug from the robotic arm quite easily, giving you even more posing options. If you happen to have the previous Trap Jaw, Roboto, or Hurricane Hordak, you can use any of their weapons with this Trap Jaw as well, or vice versa. It’s a nice feature, that adds a wide variety of possibilities.
The only real downside I can find to Trap Jaw is the fact that none of his armor can be removed, not even his belt. It’s not a big deal, but I normally enjoy the ability to mix and match the accessories the figures have so this is a bit of a bummer.

All in all, Trap Jaw is a very cool figure and a worthy addition to any He-Man fan’s collection. I’m really fond of the filmation look and can’t wait until the next figure is released. Sadly, this one is sold out at Mattycollector, so if you didn’t subscribe, you may need to search ebay or amazon for him. 

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