Tuesday, April 24, 2012

TFCC Runamuck

Taking a little break from the TF Prime figures to give you a look at this years Transformers Collector's Club free figure who happens to be....


If you subscribed to the Transformers Collector's Club before March 16th, 2012, then you will be receiving this figure in the mail very soon if not already. Now Runamuck is the partner of Runabout aka Over-Run, and together they are known as the Battle Chargers. Runamuck and Runabout share the same mold but have contrasting paint jobs, so Ruamuck has all the strengths and weaknesses of his twin.

Being a free figure, Runamuck comes in a plain white mailer in a baggie, packed with his instructions and tech spec card. The good news is that if you purchased Over-run, that figures box has an opening that you can place Runamuck. This means that you can store them together with ease. This is ideal since where one Battle Charger is, the other is never far behind.

Now as I mentioned earlier, Runamuck is a repaint of Runabout, which you'll see a lot of since I couldn't resist posing these two together for most of the review. His paint job is a pearled white with gold and orange detailing and black forearms. Much like his partner he has a Decepticon symbol on the hood of his car mode as well as Decepticon rubsign on his chest. His accessories include two black shoulder mounted cannons and a black and gold blaster. Video reviewer Optibotimus has noted an alternate configuration for the Battlecharger's robot modes in his review of Runabout. This alternate configuration is pretty simple to do and gives the boys a more G1 look.

Runamuck has the same 16+ points of articulation as Runabout and mold doner Generations Wheeljack. His big feet help him balance quite a bit, but it still can be tricky to get some more dynamic poses to work. It is a lot of fun to put these guys in tag team poses. Actually makes me wish I collected wrestling figure so I could give them some title belts.

Vehicle mode is a beauty to look at. The white and gold blend together very nicely, and the sparkly shine the white plastic has is gorgeous. It's also very nice that they get details like the head and tail lights, and the hubcaps. It rolls very well, although it can be tricky to get the wheels to line up properly.

When you look at Runamuck with mold mates, Tracks and Wheeljack, its easier to spot the differences than the similarities. The paint job really makes him pop. It really shows what a paint job and a new head can do for a mold.

All in all, if you have Runabout, you need Runamuck and vice verse. These guys are a team and incomplete individually. Runamuck is an awesome looking figure and will look great in any Transformers Classics shelf. If you'd like more detail into the mold check out Runabout's review here. Anyway, hope you guys have enjoyed this look at Runamuck and I will see you again soon.

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