Wednesday, February 29, 2012

TFCC Over-Run aka Runabout

Hey guys, here again with a review of the Transformers Collector's Club exclusive

Over-Run aka Runabout

We are gonna be calling him Runabout for the rest of the review because thats the name of the character. The figure has been named Over-Run due to TFCC being unable to licence the name Runabout. Anyway, Runabout is one half of a Decepticon team known as the Battlechargers. Like any of the TFCC exclusives, Runabout is a repaint of a past Transformers figure, this case being Generations Wheeljack, with a new head. The choice to use the Wheeljack body was a very good one. This particular mold is very reminicent of Runabout's G1 figure which was a small car that quickly unfolded into a small robot.

Runabout come packaged in a thick collector's box with artwork featuring Runabout and his running buddy Runamuck on the Statue of Liberty. This artwork is a nod to the issue of the Marvel Comics Transformers that featured the Battlechargers on the cover. Inside the box is a foam insert capable of holding not only Runabout but also Runamuck aswell. There is a special hidden cutout in the foam insert that can be removed leaving an opening for Runamuck. Since Runamuck has yet to be released, I'm using Wheeljack to demonstrate.Runabout also had a biocard you help you understand Runabout better.

As I mentioned earlier, Runabout is a repaint of Generations Wheeljack with a newly sculpted head. His paintjob is metallic black with red detailing. On his chest you can see he has a thermal rubsign like the ones used in the Reveal the Shield line. This is another nod to the G1 figure who had a rubsign in the same place. This guy has 20 points of articulation in the head, shoulders, bicep, doublejointed elbows, wrists, waist, hips, knees, ankles, toes, and heels. His large feet make standing a breeze but the way the heels are articulated may have a negative impact on more dynamic poses. The weapons he comes with are 2 shoulder mounted cannons and a hand blaster, all of which store easily in the vehicle mode. The hand blaster also has a clip that can be placed where the shoulder cannons go so you can substitue either cannon for his blaster.

Vehicle mode is quite a site to behold. Runabout is a gourgious sports car with red tinted windows and a Decepticon logo blazened on his hood to show he dosn't ever play nice. The paint apps are placed on beautifully, even better that some of TFCC's past releases. He also rolls nicely and the wheels feel well alligned.

When looking at Runabout next to Wheeljack and Tracks, you can see what a difference a paintjob can really make. Runabouts paint scheme gives him a unique personality and really sets him apart from his mold mates. Looking at Runabout and Wheeljack together also better shows the different ways they can display thier weapons.

Overall, Runabout is a great addition to any Classics collection, and Club members have a lot to look forward to when his partner in crime Runamuck comes thier way. Runabout is currently sold out at the TFCC store so you'll have to go through other online shops like or to get a hold of him. Sadly you should expect a very high price point for this guy but he will be very well worth it. Take care all.

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