Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Funpub Transformers Timelines Needlenose with Sunbeam and Zputty

The TFSS 4.0 has already started, much earlier than previous subs for the line. This is mainly due to Funpub trying to rush out one more sub before year’s end which I’m not sure was a good idea, but we will see how it works out. Anyway Let’s get a closer look at our first figure, Needlenose, along with his Targetmaster minions.
Now Needlenose himself is a repaint of Combiner Wars Firefly. It’s a Club toy, what do you expect? Much like most of the Club toys we’ve gotten, his paintjob is done exceptionally well. Plenty of paint apps grace the wings and tail fins with various types of striping and Con sigils on the tail fins in a unique twist. The nose of the jet is completely painted blue, and I mean they actually painted it blue, not molded. The cockpit is done up in red which looks very nice. All in all the jet mode looks great and does a wonderful job of homaging the G1 toy.
Needlenose also has a very sharp looking robot mode, with lots of paint plastered on his body. From what I can tell, every bit of color on this toy’s body, save for a couple joint parts, is painted on, but for all the paint on him, Needlenose’s chest is very bare. Most of the paint went to his solid purple arms, and his very well painted shins. Oh yea, the cod piece got a splash of blue as well. The head feels like it’s were the real magic happens though. Truth be told, it is the exact same head as Firefly, but somehow, that yellow face and the lack of silver on the top make Needlenose look so wildly different from the bot he was repainted from. I almost have to do a double take to be sure it is the same sculpt. Of course, if you think I’m crazy for this, you might be right, who knows.
Being a combiner limb who is destined to be a part of Thunder Mayhem, Needlenose can become an arm or leg, and he does well in either mode. This shouldn’t be a surprise given how this mold fared well with each of the past iterations, especially as an arm. I do find Needlenose’s colors go great with Galvatronus, which has me wanting two of him and two of Spinister to make a powerful looking Galvatron combiner.
Along with the normal gun and hand/foot gun, Needlenose comes with his two Targetmasters, Sunbeam and Zputty (Zigzag). These are repaints of Scoop’s Targetmasters, Tracer and Caliburst (Holepunch), so if you have Scoop, you know what to expect from these guys. They are easy to transform into weapon mode and can also combine. Cool thing is, they are also able to combine with Needlenose’s other weapons to make a pair of super guns. The hand/foot gun can be tough to get into the port on either Targetmaster’s handle, but the look is worth it.

Needlenose is a great start to the new sub. And I can’t wait for the next figure to arrive, which should be soon. Funpub said they will try to get these out as quickly as they can, so if you do have a subscription, keep your eyes on your mailbox because you never know who’s coming next.

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