Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Mattel DC Super Hero Girls Wonder Woman

It finally happened. We finally got a mainstream super hero action figure line for girls. Now I’m saying “mainstream” because I Am Elemental beat Mattel to the punch by a good year with what I hear is an excellent line. But now it’s Mattel’s turn and following the success or Monster High and Ever After High, they are bringing the DC girls back to high school.  
This time we are going to be looking at the 6” scale line, with Wonder Woman herself, and as far as action figures go, she’s pretty good. Her sculpt is very solid, looking like a healthy, perhaps slightly fitter than average teenage girl. She is dressed in a red t-shirt with white sleeves and blue jeans, with a gold belt and shoulder armor piece that has the Wonder Woman logo engrained into it. She also has her trademark silver bracelets and tiara, as well as red boots that have wings on the sides. I rather like this design since it looks like Mattel started with what a normal girl would wear and then added things you’d see on a super hero over it, which in itself sets a very positive tone for the toy. It kinda says girls don’t have to dress super sexy to be awesome, which is a good message.
The face sculpt is done quite well. It seems to be a mix of the previous DC action figure lines and Barbie, which is fitting when you think of it. Being the 6” line, the hair is sculpted instead of rooted, which works just fine for me. It’s more of a dark blue than black and has plenty of sculpted detail. All and all, a nice face.
Articulation is done well, especially for the $10 price point these toys go for. Ball jointed head, universal shoulders, 90 degree elbows with swivel at the elbow, universal hips, 45 degree knee bends, and swivels at the boots. Her hair does interfere with the head movement a bit but you can get her to look left and right. It’s a good amount of articulation, although I must admit I wish she had a waist and thigh swivels. Then again, that may just be me being spoiled on Marvel Legends and DCUC.
Wonder Woman only has one accessory, her signature Lasso of Truth. What makes this unique among pas Wonder Woman figures is that this one can actually be wielded. She can hold it in either hand and even get some two handed poses going with it. The lasso can also be holstered on her belt, but doesn’t look quite right there. This is mainly due to it being sculpted plastic rather than actual rope, it can only do so much. Still it’s a fitting accessory.
Best part of this figure is that she fits in quite well with DCUC figures, looking like a younger version of the Wonder Woman figures from that line. I guess that’s rather appropriate. She’s about the same height as Donna Troy, so she works out good if you want to put her with the DCUC toys.

All in all, I’m quite happy with my first venture into the DC Super Hero Girls line. Wonder Woman’s a great toy and I think I may have to try and get more. 

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